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2024 Update

by Jessy Cormier - 5 hours ago Tue, 02 Jan 2024 12:40:00 GMT

Hello 2024!

When I chose a new years resolution last year, I picked writing more. As we where closing in on the new years again I was reflecting on my writing and thought I hadn’t really gotten out as much as I wanted to. However, after think about it some more what I realized was that I have written almost every single day; just not in a “published” manner like a blog or other. I’ve been writing notes in Obsidian pretty much daily recording work notes and personal notes as well as reference material and more!

I’m bending my original intent with the 2023 new years resolution but I think I can be easy on myself here.

When it comes to this new year 2024, I’m not sure yet what new years resolution I’ll pick. I’m going to continue to write things and hopefully increase my websites content as well. Challenges with writing a blog or being a dev and writing a blog is you tend to also write your own website to manage this; as I had talked about in the past. Choosing a framework and writing the logic and designing everything takes time away from just writing. I value coding a lot as it keeps skills sharpened and practices new ones.

I have ideas not yet realized by my current site setup and technology stacks. I’d like to do more and I’m thinking this is maybe the year to set these things up.

anyway happy new years!