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  • Trying to figure out how to fix the SEO meta information in SvelteKit.
  • Working on the release versioning post, keeping it it simple I still need practice organizing information in an article format so for now blog posts it is!
  • Still trying to figure out the best way for me to manage projects and break down things.

...and then

  • Updating this site of course!
  • Playing Moonlighter, I'm determined to finally say I beat the game. Beat the game!
  • Playing Dwarf Fortress, what a game I know nothing but it's still holding my interest. I'm sorry Dwarfs I've had to sacrifice for the advancement of knowledge...
  • Still need to beat the new boss in Valheim.
  • Trying to figure out new years resolution; I think it'll be writing more. (content generation?) , Writing every week(ish) to practice and push out content.

This idea comes from Lots of different ideas of how this can work, go check it out! Add it to your site, its fun!.