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Small Update December 2023

by Jessy Cormier - 16 days ago Sun, 17 Dec 2023 10:25:00 GMT

Well, we’re still here. I’ve used to test out technologies and learn how solve problems with them.

So you see, I have played around a bit exploring these things. I do want to continue using the angular version mostly due to the freedom of code from output. With Angular v17 release it has the ability to work better for generating content based on markdown for example and has the transition API like Sveltkit does. This can help you create some really nice looking effects while navigating the website.

I’ve also been using building and updating the styles of the website as part of my new years resolution of writing more often.. Something that probably should be separate projects. I realized that I’m going to need a space to be able to just ramble on (this post) and also create posts with actual intent and content that explains or teaches an idea. I want to be able to do both. At the start of the year I had convinced myself that I would just write valuable content every time. This kind of lead me to wanting to be productive and working on learning more than doing in the writing sense. While learning the technical skills of these libraries/frameworks has been valuable, I could have been writing about lessons learned while doing them for content. It just didn’t sound fun to me.

So what’s the next steps here. I’m honestly not sure. Either I create a process that allows me to write rambling “blog” posts and a space for me to write more focused things using my website as it is today (or whatever version I release next like angular). OR I may look for a platform to manage that. Honestly I think I would enjoy using Obsidian Publish if it wasn’t so expensive. Hard to justify the cost compared to free that I get with Vercel.

Somewhat like writing blog posts vs articles, I released my use of Obsidian daily notes vs journaling was kind of confused recently. I’ve been trying to use daily notes as a means of capturing all things. I’m not sure where this obsession comes from but it’s pretty powerful and fuels a lot of thinking about information… I love being able to tie back the what to the when. on paper journals this is easy, we have a date written. with digital things, it’s easy to move around copy and paste ideas and we loose the when. The idea of daily notes is to write down things you have to do that day, or random thoughts that day and feel free to delete, move etc. that destruction of “what” connected to “when” has been something I think about constantly. Obsidian is a whole other thing I could talk days about and I may just do that.

How to close this post off…

I want to continue writing, build, creating and exploring technology. Come back soon? Click like and subscribe. 🐧