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Small Update May 2023

by Jessy Cormier - 4 hours ago Sun, 07 May 2023 13:00:00 GMT

I’ve been away from the website for awhile. Away from Sveltkit and front-end development actually. Work has me learning a specialized system which has me learning some C# patterns and their specific setup.

This time has given me some time to reflect on this website and just how I like to play around with technology for learning. Sveltkit has been a pretty fun. I like a lot of how the router system works based on file path, it unlocks a neat ability to use server side rendering functions to build out images and just have a pattern that you follow for building out the routes of the websites.

Just like I mentioned in a past post however when I fist started this adventure of building content and website I still have that call to Angular. This month the Angular team will be releasing the Angular v16 update. This isn’t something I would need generally for building this website but the angular system is something I miss. Having a web application workflow rather than the concept we have here which is static pages changes how I would manage state and it’s just easier in angular once you know how their underlying system works.

So I’m thinking of heading back to angular. With it I would re-work some of my website design. This is just to keep practicing and playing with ideas.

Another thing that I would need to work on is figuring out content vs other things. Where does the blog data come from. I love the idea of keeping things in markdown since I can easily transfer it between new systems if I ever want to change my setup. I would like to find a markdown system to render out content but also maybe work on sub systems similar to Obsidian.

I’m really passionate about having inter-connected data and systems which is why I use Obsidian all the time for note taking. I would love to see its ability translate to the web as well, especially for content. It comes more of a personal digital garden or knowledge base that’s open for others to learn from when articles are not hand crafted but you get more of a brain dump; much like this post. There can be rigid structures to the way information is presented or loose and flowing directly (again like this post.)

SO for the next challenge I think I’ll have is booting up a brand new code project for angular and start translating systems I have here into that new website structure. I want to also update the post content that I have in this Sveltkit version to show images rather than live components. I realize while getting to build with live components are pretty sweet I think they serve better in a “article” rather than blog post. An article would be something that’s not markdown, but hand crafted and intended to have living code in it. Ideally it educates or shows off some kind of technology or technique. For blog posts I would want them to live on even if things get transferred from one system to another. Think about taking my blog posts from a manual system like this one to something like Notion or Strapi.

Also when I say article I don’t really have the right word here. I mean a hand crafted experience like Josh Comeau does with some of his posts.

That’s it for now, I could go on forever rambling ideas and talk about things that I get hung up on but for now I’m going to move forward with this plan. I’ll most likely still use Vercel as the hosting, deployment platform because I like how everything works. They’ve made the experience really easy to setup and pretty great things coming up on their platform (especially for the free tier, thanks guys 🚀).