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Site Update Jan 8th

by Jessy Cormier - 4 months ago Sun, 08 Jan 2023 04:00:00 GMT

Bug fixes and performance improvements. — Every major app developer update notes.

Jokes aside, this has a bunch of updates to the design of the site. The logo, social media share, some tests with animated titles, and lots of tweaks in the code.

Logo Component

I’ve created a SVG version of the logo that I had before. What prompted me to do this was seeing the logo which was text based break lines on a mobile device (Android Pixel 4XL to be specific).

The logo was created just to give some kind of fluidity in the branding of the site. I had some random AI generated image before for fun but it didn’t help create a solid cohesive experience.

With the logo being an SVG now in svelte I can componentize it and control it a bit which has been fun.

- try changing dark/light mode for extra effects (might not be possible on mobile sorry).
- Hover over with mouse to spin. (maybe click and hold with mobile?)

*Note: any component shown in articles may become broken in the future if I don't update the posts to support older versions.*

I’ve added the update for the titles most likely wont stay just messing around with learning components and how Tailwind works with them.

AnimatedText component

I’ve added a component AniamtedText which is what post titles are using (at the time of writing). I got the tips from

    animation: {
        'text': 'text 30s ease infinite',
    keyframes: {
        'text': {
            '0%, 100%': {
                'background-size': '2000% 2000%',
                'background-position': 'left center'
            '50%': {
                'background-size': '2000% 2000%',
                'background-position': 'right center'

and a svelte component

<script lang="ts">
    const css = 'animate-text bg-clip-text text-transparent';
    export let cssClasses = '';
    export let colorFrom = 'from-blue-500';
    export let colorVia = 'via-indigo-500';
    export let colorTo = 'to-amber-600';
	class="bg-gradient-to-r {colorFrom} {colorVia} {colorTo} {css} {cssClasses}">
	<slot />

This component lets you throw in extra CSS classes to change font-size or whatever or adjust the from/via/to colors etc. It’s got something good enough for now for this site.

All the other things

This update touched a bunch of files, moving them for better organization and tweaks for better layout or accessibility. I found a wonderful article by Daniela; where they go over their experience trying to make their site more accessible and it’s been a great guide for me.

I noticed an issue when viewing the site on mobile phones where the font was not rendering. I use this font on the site which at the time I got from Google and converted it to the a modern format. This update includes a the variants directly from the creator Rasmus Andersson. Do check out that site, it’s got a really great setup to showcase the front. I love the “lab”!

I’m sure I’m forgetting all the details but this is it for now.

p.s. one of my new years goals is to write so to take on that challenge I figured updating my personal site and sharing things I learn for work or personal things along the way would be a great way to do that. I hope you find something of value in the future posts and I hope I can find better ways to express creatively the things I want. See you next time.