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Going back home

by Jessy Cormier - a year ago Sat, 03 Dec 2022 04:00:00 GMT

Well it’s about that time again where I find that I’m looking for a new challenge. There’s a thought out there that you shouldn’t be switching your tools over and over again because that becomes the bulk of your work rather than focusing on what you’re intent is which is output of some kind. I think I’m falling for that again here BUT it counts as practice which is always healthy. As of right now I’ll be starting to port over my website from its base framework to a new one. I toyed around with the idea of using NextJS (current at the time of writing) or Svelte however those frameworks but I keep getting a calling back to where I went form writing websites with jQuery to learning modern development. That was Angular for me.

I’ll take the hit of the initial load time being slow but there are tricks around this now days as well with Scully. Angular allows me to write things in a structured way that really helps make it feel easy to do complex and impressive things. With code splitting features (modules) I can create whole tools that live in their own module which wont affect anything about the performance for the end user and even better, lazy loading modules means the SPA will always feel super fast to anyone using the website once their in.

I’m willing to deal with the trade offs and extra challenges we have for SEO for that. Scully solves most of those extra issues as well generating a ton of static content that then gets replaced once angular is done booting up.

So with that, I’m signing off, This will be transferred to the new system the goals will be similar to what I have now but I should be able to build tools, and special pages in angular since I have 6 years of experience with it at this point. See you on the other side.